Saturday, March 26, 2016

Found Item: Retroactive Fortune Cookie

Fortune: You would do well in the field of computer technology.
Well, duh!
I received this fortune in a cookie from lunch the other day.
  Lunch was catered Chinese
    in the office of my current employer;
      an Internet technology start-up
        where I stand in front of computer screens
          For large portions of the day.

I manage a team of computer people.
  More often called System Administrators, or
    Network Administrators, or
      Site Reliability Engineers, or
        Site Reliability Operators, or
          IT, Ops, or DevOps*.

Some of my time involves meetings
  with software developers and engineers
    solving software and service architectural problems
      and coming to agreements on how to progress forward.

Sometimes I even write code
  something I've been doing since 1983.
    Other times I setup, configure, and maintain
      large scale Internet infrastructures and web services.
        The combination of those two functions has been my profession since 1993.

Over 20 years in this field.
  It doesn't really seem that long.
    Probably because I've done well by it
      And for the most part enjoyed the work very much.

I guess this fortune cookie turned out true
  If maybe a bit after the fact had been well settled.
    Had I received it 30 years ago, though,
      I would've just said, "Duh, I'm going to do that anyway."
* I consider DevOps to be an organizational structure and philosophy focused on development and operational practices.  It is not IMHO a job title or position.  Using it as such is frequently a sign that someone doesn't know what they are talking about.

Alcohol content: a wee dram (Macallan Fine Oak 21 Year)

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