Sunday, October 30, 2011

All-grain Brewing in a Single Container

Damn you MoreBeer, damn you to hell.

Ever since I started brewing, I had thought, "if this turns out to be fun and I'm good at brewing, someday I'll move up to all-grain."  But the space required for the extra equipment along with the greater complication had pretty much scared me off.  It's been easy enough to keep learning and tweaking the recipes as that's been a lot of fun and the results have certainly been appreciated by my friends.  Then I saw this:
Damn you, MoreBeer.
A single-container, all-grain, automated, all-electric, brewing system.  No extra hot liquor tank, no extra lauter tun, and the heating element, pumps, temperature probes, and control system are all in one self-contained unit.  It's from Germany, nifty.

A 20L (5.28gal) costs $1950 with free shipping is a price that's nothing to sneeze at.  But compared to other turn-key sculptures, it's pretty cheap.  Mind you, a full sized brew sculpture gives you a bit more flexibility in what you can brew.  With a limit due to size on the grain bill you can use, the theoretical highest starting gravity limit is 1.057.

I bet some ingenious soul could get something higher than that, but that's not a huge limitation.

Oh, I'm saved... at least for now.  It requires a 220V plug and altering the outlet to take the Euro plug.  Not a huge impediment, but enough to hold me off for now.  Still, this looks pretty darned nifty.

Alcohol content: take beer to make beer (2 pints in)

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