Monday, August 29, 2011

Belgian Grand Prix (Spa)

Did Webber nearly stall at the start?  Can anything else explain him dropping five places at the start?  It's one thing to handicap yourself against weaker opponents when you have a clear advantage, but this is kind of ridiculous.  He's certainly giving himself plenty of opportunities to practice passing and his move and pass on Alonso on the outside at Eau Rouge was fabulous.  Alonso must have thought he was seeing things went Webber went flying by.

Hamilton's mirrors must be defective, or maybe he's getting glare from his yellow diamond earrings.  Regardless, he is a quite dangerous on the track.  A not one of his accidents are his fault... at least in his mind.  If his situational awareness were as keen as his snap judgements to blame others, he'd be having a much better season.  As it is, his looks reckless and feckless.  He's not a rock star, but apparently there's no one around to remind him of that.  And if he weren't ruining other people's races the whole thing might be funny, but it's frustrating having crashing and accidents take attention away from the actual racing.  If I wanted to see nothing but crashing determine a race I could get a lobotomy and watch NASCAR.
Dramatic, but not racing.
Michael Schumacher had a great race after a horrid qualifying, moving all the way up the field to 5th.  His best finish this season.  Massa and Alonso effectively switch places between Quali and race finish trading 4th with 8th.

Paul di Resta had a nice race moving from 17th to 11th being beaten out of the points by Pastor Maldonado who scored his first F1 point.  It's been fun to watch the rookies this season- to see which ones can rise to the challenge and keep their heads.  The mid-pack is a crowded place and with all that inexperience plus nut-jobs like Hamilton, there is a lot of opportunity to break carbon fiber bits off the car.

Alcohol content: Buzz on (Hendricks and tonic)

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