Monday, April 18, 2011

Chinese Grand Prix

So glad we could compare and contrast a weekday with the factories going full blast versus a "weekend" when they let the workers have a half day.  The "sunny" day air was on par with what I experienced in New Delhi- very chunky.  Surprised the cars could get enough oxygen to burn fuel... or maybe there is some other oxidizer in the particulate that the gas is using to burn.
Or maybe these ladies were helping to rev the engines.
What's the deal with Hobbs, Varsha, et al giving head to McLaren-Mercedes for winning-  "This is why McLaren is such a world class organization blah blah blah."  So you were able to beat Vettel and Red Bull because KERS was malfunctioning, his tires were dead (only 2 stops and still on the podium), and he had no radio communication with his pit for about half the race.  Sounds more like Red Bull was handicapped more than McLaren came back from great adversity to win.  If anything, they should've been gushing more over Webber's drive, who I think probably had no fuel in the car to save weight as it was operating on pure hate.  That was a mean fucking driving.  He really just spanked the car around the track and then went on to pass Button.

If there is a sign of a championship-level team and driving it was Webber's run.  He overcame an obviously crippled (week after week) car, still without reliable KERS, and was able to move up fifteen (15!) positions.  Button and Hamilton made two positions at the start, which Vettel was partially able to over come (wrong pit Button) and then Button overall lost a position from the start (3rd at grid, 4th at finish).  I wonder, if Vettel was able to communicate with his pit would he have gone in for another set of tires at some point earlier and been able to hold off the McLarens?
One of these things is not like the other.
And speaking of crippled cars, poor Nico with the lead in hand and then "fuel critical" radio call.  How much suck was that?  Schumi had a real good drive, too, although, certainly overshadowed by Webber, as he only moved up six positions.

So, will Ferrari get any penalties?  There is video of DRS operating on Alonso's car outside the zone- wtf?  Even the booth drones saw it (which is surprising since they couldn't stop talking about McLaren and how awesome Hamilton was in his drive, which I guess is true since he could find his pit).  And I think it was either Massa or Alonso would couldn't keep the car in the lane on the pit exit.  That's usually been an automatic drive-through or 20 second time penalty.  If it were any other constructor, I'm sure there would be an investigation over the DRS and something.

Overall, a good race, now I have to wait 3 weeks?  I hope that Red Bull can figure out their KERS.  Mind you, if the FIA let  DRS operate whenever then Vettel could almost live without KERs.  During at least one of his quali laps when they had the graphic up, you could see that Vettel just had the DRS going every time he was coming out of a corner.  He must be some serious PS3 button masher.
Chunky, chunky, air.  Can't wait to compare it to Delhi.

Alcohol content: Hardly (home brew hefe)

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